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June 2016 Archives

Famous Singer, Don McLean Ends Marriage of 30 Years

Don McLean, famed singer and songwriter of 'American Pie', an ode to an idyllic United States, finalized his divorce after 30 years of marriage. The divorce comes on the heels of several high-profile incidents involving Mr. McLean and his wife, most recently an arrest allegedly involving domestic violence near the end of 2015.

Can another state rule on your child custody arrangement?

The short answer is, it depends. Most states and the District of Columbia follow the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. The UCCJEA essentially harmonizes the various child custody jurisdiction rules among the states. So far, only Massachusetts and Vermont remain the black sheep in this otherwise harmonized system.

An overview of the home study process

Adopting a child is a wonderful, selfless act. You are voluntarily choosing to join someone with your family, an act that many people cannot fathom. Most people say you can't choose your family that does not apply to adoptive children. But the adoption process can be tricky, there are multiple hoops that you must jump through before it is finalized. One of those hoops is the home study. This post will go over the home study and what it means for your prospective adoption.

Contesting paternity test results

DNA testing has revolutionized paternity actions. Before the DNA test courts relied on blood tests, witness testimonies and circumstantial evidence to infer paternity. Often fathers were given paternity over children that were not theirs and biological fathers were denied rights to their own children. It was a complicated situation. Now, DNA allows for much more accurate testing. However, DNA tests are administered by humans and anything handled by humans is prone to error. Here are a few tips to contest the validity of a paternity test.

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