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May 2016 Archives

The Impact of Divorce on Older Children

Divorce rates remain impressively high. While there is a multitude of research out there that breaks down those numbers and which couples get divorced for which reasons, one thing is unmistakable ? older couples are divorcing at increasing rates. In fact, some studies find that they are divorcing twice as much as they were 20 years ago.

How to establish parental rights for an unmarried father, Part 1

Fathers can secure their parental rights over their children by establishing paternity. Paternity is a legal term that means you are the legal father of a child. For married fathers, paternity is automatically assumed when the child is born. For unmarried fathers, it can be a similarly painless process, but that's not always the case. This post will go over how an unmarried father can gain visitation rights.

Modern day causes of divorce

There are numerous issues that cause stress and strife between married partners. These issues can be classified into several categories. These problems don't always have to lead to divorce, but many times, couples cannot reconcile their issues and divorce is the best option.

Study finds that new DNA test is accurate

DNA testing has come a long way since the late 90s and early 2000s. The human genome was mapped. DNA makes regular appearances in criminal trials. It is used to determine paternity and more. DNA tests are constantly being refined and tested and paternity tests are no exception. A new test emerged a few years ago that checks the accuracy of noninvasive prenatal tests to determine paternity.

An overview of the types of adoption

Adopting a child is a wonderful and complicated undertaking. Formally adopting a child can take many forms such as between family members, step-parents or stranger adoption. Each of these types of adoptions is treated differently. Unfortunately, there are still many more children that prospective parents, therefore, adoption agencies are always looking for new parents. This article will go over the various ways in which you may adopt a child.

How do marriage experts "fight?"

Arguments, fights and disagreements are an inevitable and healthy part of any relationship. They ensure that both parties have their convictions and refuse to surrender them for the benefit of the other spouse. It ensures that both spouses have an opportunity to express their opinions so that the marriage is a product of both of partners' labor, not just one. But, now and then, communication breaks down, and that can lead to divorce. This article will go over some of the strategies that the marital experts use to moderate their arguments.

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