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April 2016 Archives

Making the best decision for your child

After deciding to divorce, one of the first decisions you need to make if children are involved, is who will maintain custody of your child or children. For all Florida residents going through such a traumatic time in their lives, deciding the particulars of child custody can be some of the most important and most difficult decisions you will most likely face. Every parent wants to ensure the best level of care for their children, but it is not always easy to determine who the best parent is when both parents are used to equally providing love and care for their little ones. 

Florida's proposed child custody reforms

If you live in Florida and have children, but are unsure of whether your marriage is going to last, it's a good time to pay attention to what is going on with child custody law. The Florida legislature is looking to pass a 50/50 custody bill that would make 50/50 shared custody the presumption or default whenever there is a divorce or shared custody battle.

Will the court consider my child's opinion about custody?

Divorce proceedings have many complexities without the involvement of children but, when they are added to the situation, this further adds to the stress. Complicating matters more are situations when children are mature enough to formulate an opinion, and the court can consider their choice between living with either mom or dad.

Are you considering adoption?

Have you ever wondered why so many of us are so set on having a "child of our own" when there are so many homeless children throughout the United States and beyond? Deciding whether or not to adopt rather than conceive is a difficult decision and it's important to research all facets involved when considering adding a new member to your family.

Myths about paternal rights to consider before taking action

Separation and divorce are a stressful time for all parties involved, and the complexities of family law in Florida can exacerbate an already tense situation. Parental rights and obligations, particularly those of fathers as they pertain to custody issues, requesting visitation rights and child support, are often mired in popular myths.

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