Paternity Is The First Step In Establishing Your Parental Rights And Child Support

Parental rights are established automatically for married parents. For unmarried parents, however, parental rights are established through a judicial action filed in court by either the father or the mother. For parents who are not married, the first step in securing parental rights and responsibilities is pursuing a legal action known as a paternity action. Because the law does not presume who the father is, the legal question of paternity needs to be adjudicated by a judge or other judicial officer. Having the father's name on the child's birth certificate does not automatically establish a father's parental rights. Filing a paternity action allows for the resolution of related issues such as:

Advocating For Fathers In Paternity Actions

Just knowing that you are the father of your children is sometimes not enough in the eyes of the law, especially when there is conflict in the family. Fathers can sometimes feel like they have no rights if they are not married to the mother of their children. Under these circumstances, ensuring that you have a role to play in your child's life begins with the determination and adjudication of paternity by a judge or other judicial officer. An appropriate visitation schedule and a fair child support amount will be determined after your paternity has first been adjudicated by a judicial officer. We know how much your child needs your love and support and we'll fight for your rights as a father.

Assisting Mothers With Paternity Actions

For mothers, securing a fair financial contribution for your child is one of the best ways to care for their needs. Establishing an appropriate visitation schedule is just as important. We know that children typically do better when they have financial and emotional support from both parents. Establishing these in a court provides the stability and emotional support every child needs. Of course, we at Bill Beck Law also understand that there are times when the involvement of a parent would not be in the best interest at which time we may ask the court for sole time-sharing or supervised time-sharing in favor of the non-offending parent.

Experienced Family Law Representation

At Bill Beck Law, we know how crucial it can be to secure child support and child custody and visitation rights for unmarried parents. We assist fathers and mothers in pursuing the resolution of paternity actions for the benefit of the children so that they can move on with their lives. At Bill Beck Law, we help you to take all necessary steps to help you with your paternity case, including the use of DNA and blood tests to ensure accuracy.

When paternity needs to be resolved to settle other child-related legal issues, our firm has the experience and skill you need. Bill Beck Law in Palm Harbor, Florida, offers free initial consultations. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or call 727-493-4229.