Is It Time To Change Your Final Judgment Or Court Order?

When your final judgment or court order no longer reflects the reality of your circumstances, it may be time to request a modification. If there has been a substantial change in the circumstances that your order was based upon, the court can modify your order so that it works with your current situation and appropriately reflects the change.

Common issues that need to be modified include:

  • Child custody and visitation — Parents can use time-sharing schedules that deviate from the court order. The child may be spending more time with one parent than the court order anticipated. You may need a modification to bring the court order in line with the way you and your child are actually living. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse and physical abuse can also be grounds for seeking to limit or restrict the other parent's time with the child.
  • Child support — A change in income or the amount of time actually spent with a child may justify a change in the child support obligation. Because Florida recognizes a child's entitlement to support from both parents, the amount of support can be adjusted as circumstances change over time. Florida's child support calculation is not simply a specific percentage of the parent's income but takes many factors into consideration including the number of overnights spent with each parent, the payment of health insurance premiums and daycare expenses, and any special needs or activities the children may need. Considering the duration of a child support obligation, requesting a beneficial modification is often a wise financial investment.
  • Alimony — Certain changes to financial conditions or living situations can merit the modification of an alimony award.

What Justifies A Modification?

Our attorneys know the courts and the law. The court has very specific requirements for modifying a family law final judgment or court order. To make a change, the court must first determine whether there has been a substantial change in the circumstances since the time of your Final Judgment. Not every change will justify a Modification of the Final Judgment. Many issues that are significant to you or the other parent may not be considered significant enough by the court to justify a modification to the existing court order. In many cases it is clear at the outset whether or not there is a chance of successfully petitioning for a modification. Our experience allows us to advise our clients if pursuing a modification is worth the time, money and effort. That knowledge also allows us to build very strong modification petitions when the facts support a modification.

Experienced Family Law Representation

At Bill Beck Law, our attorneys work hard to educate you. The more you know about the laws, the more you are able to make informed decisions. We are strong advocates for when you need to pursue a modification. We use our experience and knowledge of the courts and the laws to help us build the most persuasive arguments for modifications on your behalf. We know both sides of this argument.

If you need to pursue a divorce modification or the modification of a family law court order, Bill Beck Law in Palm Harbor, Florida, can help. We offer free initial consultations. Contact our firm online or call 727-493-4229.