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Mediation is a process - both you and your (ex) spouse are in control of the success of the mediation process. Mediation is where another person - called a mediator - meets with both of you to encourage and facilitate a mutually acceptable and voluntary resolution to the legal (not emotional) issues both of you want to talk about. The mediator will meet with both of you together and may also decide to meet with each of you separately during the session.

The mediator will not favor either of you and may therefore help identify issues, foster joint problem solving and explore settlement alternatives. Almost any legal issue can be mediated including property distribution, alimony, child custody and visitation, relocation issues as well as any other parenting responsibility or divorce issue.

Mediation is private - everything you talk about or suggest in mediation is privileged and inadmissible as evidence later in court. That means that either or both of you may refuse to reveal anything said or done at mediation and may prevent anyone else from doing the same. The mediator keeps everything private and confidential as well except that, like a teacher or doctor, any allegations of abuse, neglect or domestic violence will be reported.

Mediation is control - the mediator is not a judge and will not make any decisions for you. The mediator will  not force either of you into an agreement - although any resulting written Settlement Agreement to which you both agree, sign and submit to the Court may later be adopted by the Court as an Enforceable Order. Therefore, YOU are still in control during the mediation process and YOU are able to make decisions about YOUR future.

The mediator will help both of you to see possible solutions to your biggest or smallest issues. It may be one of the last opportunities to make decisions yourself before heading off to Court where a Judge will decide any unresolved issues.

Mediation is voluntary - Although some Courts may require mediation under certain circumstances, and you may even be ordered by the Court to attend a mediation session, you are only required to show up. You are not ordered to agree - a successful mediation process and a workable resolution is still voluntary and completely up to you.

As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator, I will guide you through the mediation process and help make the idea of being agreeable more comfortable again.

Remember - it's your life, you should be able to make the decisions. Contact Bill Beck Law to schedule your free initial consultation.