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Full Faith and Credit

The Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) helps ensure that child support or child custody orders from another state are recognized and enforced in Florida.

At Bill Beck Law, we have a firm understanding of Florida's enforcement laws. Whether an ex-spouse has failed to pay child support or spousal maintenance, we are prepared to aggressively seek an enforcement of the money you are entitled to receive. We are committed to helping you regain your financial security. Contact our law firm today to meet with an experienced family law attorney.

Outlining Florida's Enforcement Policy

Florida's UCCJEA is modeled directly after similar federal legislation that promotes uniform procedures among all 50 states. This law has been adopted in all 50 states, preventing courts from making different or conflicting custody or support orders when a family relocates.

The state in which your children currently reside will recognize and enforce the current child custody or child support order. This important measure ensures that your visitation and child support rights are recognized and protected here or anywhere else you reside in the United States.

Options for Enforcing Child Support and Alimony Orders

At Bill Beck Law our family law attorneys are prepared to enforce child support and alimony orders through:

  • Motion for contempt - If one party fails to fulfill their child support or alimony requirements, we will file a motion for the other party to appear in court and defend their actions. Failure to comply could result in jail time or substantial financial consequences for the opposing side.
  • Wage garnishment - Employers are required to withhold earnings for individuals who fail to pay their child support or spousal support. This is an inexpensive way to collect payments, if you know the name of your ex- spouse's employer.
  • Automatic wage deduction - Similar to wage garnishment, this option requires non-custodial parents to have child custody or spousal maintenance funds automatically withdrawn from their paycheck.

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