Divorce with Special Needs Children

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At Bill Beck Law, we are sensitive to the complexity of divorces involving special needs children. Our law firm's divorce lawyers understand the unique challenges divorcing couples face when seeking to preserve their children's best interests.

Family law attorney Bill Beck handles divorces for couples with children who have unique developmental, medical and behavioral needs. We seek to develop amicable solutions focused on addressing the child's medical and educational needs. Contact our law firm today to meet with an experienced attorney prepared to handle contested and non-contested divorces for families with special needs children.

Handling Emotionally-Sensitive Divorces in Palm Harbor & Clearwater

At Bill Beck Law, we represent parents of autistic children and children with other disabilities. Our law firm's strength in handling complicated divorces starts with our hands-on focus. We work directly with a nurse consultant to help us develop effective divorce agreements, making sure Medicaid eligibility and other public benefits are not put in jeopardy from the divorce.

Our law firm's divorce lawyers are also committed to securing an adequate amount of child support based on your child's behavior and emotional needs. We will advocate in your child's best interests to help cover critical expenses such as health care, physical therapy and adaptive equipment.

Offering Mediation Services in Divorce

Mr. Beck is a certified family law mediator by the Florida Supreme Court. He is available to act as a third-party mediator for couples with special needs children seeking an amicable resolution. Mr. Beck meets with both parties to facilitate an open discussion focused on identifying long-term solutions to a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Which parent is best prepared to handle the child's educational and medical needs?
  • How will the divorce agreement affect each parent's right to make decisions about their child's medical and educational needs?
  • Who is prepared to be the custodial parent?
  • Will both homes be accommodated to meet the child's unique needs?

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