How Much Will Child Support Be?

At Bill Beck Law, we answer this question a lot. To begin with, it's important to understand that family law courts rely on a guideline formula found in the Florida Statutes to determine and set child support amounts. This formula includes factors such as each parent's relative gross income as well as some child-related expenses such as health insurance premiums, health care expenses and day care expenses. Additionally, the amount of time spent by each parent with the child or children is a significant factor built into the child support formula in order to determine the appropriate amount of child support. At Bill Beck Law, we have the knowledge and experience to accurately calculate the child support for your specific situation.

Although the courts have discretion to permit only slight deviations in the child support award, the child support guideline formula is typically adhered to very closely. Alterations may be considered, however, on a case-by-case basis for extreme travel expenses, extraordinary health care expenses, special needs, private school tuition, past-due child support and arrearages and other circumstances that may be unique to your situation. Please schedule a consultation to have your situation evaluated by the experts at Bill Beck Law.

Are There Questions About A Parent's Income?

One of the situations requiring a more detailed inquiry and thorough investigation of a parent's income is when there are questions regarding a parent's true income. Typically, a parent's income is easily determined by reviewing employer-issued pay stubs, W2s and other official documents. In some cases, however, determining actual income requires a more detailed investigation. This is usually the case for independent contractors, small-business owners and individuals receiving tips, commissions, bonuses, performance pay, residual income, deferred compensation, stock and stock options, reimbursed expenses and other employee benefits.

Determining The Right Amount Of Child Support

In many circumstances, child support may be awarded right away on a temporary basis, during the pendency of the divorce proceedings. At Bill Beck Law, we understand how important it is to determine the right amount of child support. Ultimately, however, it's important to remember that the courts will try to set the amount that best benefits the needs of the children. We understand the state guidelines and how to pursue outcomes that will work for our clients and their children.

Pursuing reasonable child support levels can help benefit everyone involved in your divorce or standalone child custody matter. To learn more about how the family law attorneys of Bill Beck Law can help, call 727-493-4229 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.