Parental Rights And Timesharing

We assist divorcing parents and unwed parents in standalone child custody and visitation determinations.

We know that few relationships have as profound an impact throughout life as the relationship between a parent and a child. Unfortunately, this sacred stewardship can also be a significant source of conflict and stress between parents with differing goals and ideals, particularly when their relationship begins to deteriorate and a separation or divorce is imminent. At Bill Beck Law, any case involving children receives our highest attention and priority. As a father of six, I understand the importance of minimizing the disruption of separation, and especially of preventing unnecessary trauma to the innocent. You may feel like you're traveling through unchartered waters, but this is my specialty and I have been where you are lots of times – I can help you and your family get through this difficult time with dignity.

What is frequently referred to as child custody and visitation is now referred to as a parenting plan and time sharing. Whatever the terminology may be, rest assured that the Family Law Courts are still working to serve the best interests of your children through a sometimes difficult process. Typically, this may be accomplished by preserving as much continuity and shared responsibility as possible under the circumstances. In my experience, the judges only want to do the right thing for your children; my job is to educate the judge about your situation and to help him or her know what the right thing to do is.

Sometimes, a family has special needs or has been traumatized by abuse or violence. Exceptions to shared parenting may be preferred under these conditions. You can learn more about domestic violence, special needs and other exceptional circumstances by contacting my office and consulting with an expert in family law matters.

Unwed Parents

Although unwed parents cannot file for a divorce to resolve the parenting issues and support concerns that arise when they go their separate ways, Family Law Courts are empowered to adjudicate paternity and determine matters of custody, visitation and child support through a Petition to Establish Paternity, filed by either the father or the mother, even when the paternity of the child is not in dispute. Call our family law experts to see what remedies are available to you to protect your rights.

Modifications To Child Custody And Visitation Orders

When parenting circumstances change, you may be able to pursue a modification to the custody and visitation arrangements in your Final Judgment as well as the resulting child support award. To make a change, the court must first determine that there has been a substantial change in the circumstances since the time of your Final Judgment. Not every change in circumstances will justify a Modification of the Final Judgment. Many issues that are significant to you or the other parent may not be considered significant enough by the court to justify a modification to the existing court order. We have significant experience with child custody, visitation and support modifications of Final Judgments. Allow our expert attorneys to evaluate your unique situation and advise as to whether the court is likely to modify your existing order. Time is of the essence in many circumstances so schedule a free, no-obligation consultation as soon as possible.

Child Custody Solutions

At Bill Beck Law, we understand how emotionally charged child custody and visitation issues can be. We work to find the most effective and direct means of helping our clients protect their relationship with their children and deal with support issues. In some cases, reaching a mutual agreement through mediation can minimize conflict and legally establish the arrangement you want without unnecessary litigation.

Attorney Bill Beck is a Supreme Court-certified family law mediator and pursues negotiation and settlement whenever practical and mutually agreeable. We realize, however, that not all situations are best resolved through mediation. We are also skilled litigators who understand how to fight for our clients when such important issues are being decided.

When child custody and visitation issues are being decided, either as part of a divorce or as a standalone legal issue, the attorneys of Bill Beck Law can help. Call 727-493-4229 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.